01.Tiempos de Obito
02.Ser la muerte
03.Poseido por verdadera ira
04.Odio antihumano
05.Abandono absoluto
06.Final alcanzado

(Only cd):
07.Perversa obra (Rehearsal)
08.Mi sepulcro (Rehearsal)
09.Visiones (Rehearsal)

Ep recorded between february and march 2009. Rehearsal recorded in december 2009. Released in 300 hand numbered tapes by Egg of Nihilism productions in november 2009. Released in cd by Self Mutilation Services in february 2010, limited to 500 copies.

"Six songs of pure fucking black metal with no shitty influences, no intros/outros, no stupidity, just real black metal talking about death, suicide and hate against mankind."

*[There is a typo error in 'Ser la muerte' lyric: "...Una llamada de fuerzas malditas que desde mi
interior se revela" should actually be "rebela", these words have different meanings in spanish]